Can i use the toy under water?

No, our toys are not 100% water proof!

Error 133

Please turn of and on your smartphone. Then you should´nt get the error 133

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and use Android Lollipop a reset of the smartphone could help.

That problem is inside the Android operating system and not a fault of the toy

How to charge the duo balls?

Please plug the connector into a usb port at your pc or mac. You cannot turn off the balls. They are always in a standby mode.

I can't connect to the toy in the bluetooth system menu

Please keep in mind that you can't connect to the toy in the system bluetooth menu. You have to connect inside the app!

I have got 3 toys. Can i rename them?

Yes, that is possible. Just click on toy-info in the app. There you can find infos about the toy and also a button called "rename toy". Just press the button and give your toy an individual name.

After renaming the toy restarts and will be shown with the new name unter "my toys"

Is there a way to change your display name without creating a new account?

Not at the moment. We have this on our list for next releases!

I´ve got disconnections while using r. control

The reason could be a bad wifi or cellular connection. Please check. Especially on Android devices third party Apps like firewalls or anti-malware apps could also disturb the remote control. Please deactivate them!

The app doesn't list my toy

Did you turn on your toy?

If you just turned on the toy it´s important that you wait for about 15 seconds. In the first 15 seconds the toy is in boot up mode and can´t be recognized by the app.

The quick control link doesn´t work

Please use only the default browser. Quick control for example doesn't work with the opera browser.


Which smartphones are supported ?

We support iOS Smartphones with iOS 7 and 8 and Android Smartphones with Android 4.4.

It is important that your smartphone has got Bluetooth Low Energy